Neighborhood Purpose Grants

Supported with a moderate amount of tax-payer money from the city of Los Angeles, each Neighborhood Council has approximately $32,000 to spend at their discretion each year. Typical areas of expenditure include outreach and administrative support for NANDC, youth and school support, neighborhood improvement projects, community-based events and activities, emergency preparedness and park and landscape beautification.

Local organizations seeking support with a Neighborhood Purpose Grant (NPG) should complete the Application for Neighborhood Purposes Grant below and submit it for consideration to [email protected].

Application for Neighborhood Purposes Grant

It can take 2-3 months or more to approve and process a NPG funding request before payment is sent. The NANDC board can only discuss and vote on items on the agenda, so completed Neighborhood Purposes Grant requests must be received at least a week prior to the next monthly board meeting in order to be considered for the agenda.

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