Apply To Be On The Board

Thank you for your interest in serving on the NANDC board! Here are some things you should know about how to become a board member.

Board Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the board you must be a stakeholder within the NANDC service area. A stakeholder is defined by the City to mean anyone who lives, works, owns real property, or has a “community interest” in the neighborhood. Community interest is defined as affirming a substantial and ongoing participation within the council boundaries. Examples include, but are not limited to: regularly attending church, going to school, volunteering, or being the parent of a child who attends school in the area.

Board Member Responsibilities

Serving on the board is a significant time commitment that is not to be taken lightly. In addition to monthly meetings for the general board, members are also asked to serve on at least one of our committees, which also meet monthly. Board members are also required to take ethics and funding training, which are available either online or through a city-sponsored workshop. These tasks are the minimum commitment required to be on the board. Throughout the year, members are also asked to dedicate their time to visiting with the community and engaging stakeholders through a variety of venues, including other neighborhood council business, community events, and our own events.

Application Requirements

A candidate’s application for the Governing Board shall include:

A letter from the applicant describing the value they would add to the community as a member of the governing board, indicating a willingness to serve their designated term, and accepting responsibilities of the office.

A copy of applicant’s resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae).

A petition signed by a minimum of fifteen (15) stakeholders in support of the application. Signatures shall include name, address, and, where possible, e-mail address for each stakeholder.

Applications should be e-mailed to [email protected] or presented in-person at our monthly meeting.

Please review our bylaws for descriptions of the positions and their responsibilities.

Thank you again for your interest in serving on the board. We appreciate your dedication to the community.

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