South LA Plan

According to a Los Angeles Sentinel article about the South LA Plan from October 2008:

Areas of South Los Angeles will be receiving a badly needed facelift. The South Los Angeles Initiatives will increase affordable housing, improve and expand retail opportunities, create new jobs, and improve the education system.

“Today, united City Hall unveils a comprehensive agenda for how we can turn around South Los Angeles, project by project,” Villaraigosa said. “This five year strategic plan sets the bar high. It sets clear targets and measures for the progress of projects in ten initiative areas that will make our communities stronger. Every initiative has goals and timetables, with people specifically assigned to and responsible for meeting these initiatives. From creating good jobs and better housing to improving business and quality of life. The Council and I believe that we can no longer sit back in this time of hardship and we’re ready to push through together.”

Unemployment among African Americans in South Los Angeles is near 11%. To address that problem the South Los Angeles Initiatives proposes new business developments. Construction positions will be open to African Americans to build these new developments, and new jobs will be available in the new retail stores.

Affected developments include:

Midtown Crossing, a retail center at Pico and San Vicente.
Crenshaw Gateway, a mixed-use project at Adams and Crenshaw.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Shopping Center, a 100,000 square foot shopping center at 103rd St. and Grand Ave.
Broadway/Manchester, a 19,000 square foot shopping center at Broadway and Manchester.
Vermont/Manchester Shopping Center, a proposed 100,000 square foot shopping center at 84th Street and Vermont Avenue.
Improve the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Mall.
Figueroa Corridor. From the Santa Monica Freeway to King Boulevard, there will be mixed use projects.
Vermont Corridor. From the Santa Monica Freeway to King Boulevard, there will be mixed use projects.
Central Village, a 46,000 square foot retail center at 2000 S. Central Avenue.
Slauson Central Retail Plaza, an 80,000 square foot retail center.
Hoover/Manchester (Bethany Square). New construction of a mixed-use commercial/residential project consisting of five sites along Hoover Street and Manchester Avenue.
54th/Crenshaw. New construction of mixed-use project with approximately 150 residential condominiums above approximately 18,000 square of ground floor retail.

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Our Name

The early Eighth District Empowerment Congress, created by now Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas was a community-based education and mobilization program. It has been acknowledged as the model for the Los Angeles citywide neighborhood council system created by the change City Charter.

We still proudly carry the early moniker in our name as the 'Empowerment Congress North Area Neighborhood Development Council'.  Call us NANDC for short!

Our Community

NANDC is located in West Adams, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, with most of its buildings erected between 1880 and 1925. It was once the wealthiest district in the city, with its Victorian mansions and sturdy Craftsman bungalows home to Downtown businessmen and professors and academicians at USC. In the 1990s, three areas of West Adams were designated as Historic Preservation Overlay Zones by the city of Los Angeles, in recognition of their outstanding architectural heritage.